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John Pisano Scores Big


John Pisano, aka Johnny Shoes, said people are surprised to find out he started writing music only a year ago when they hear he won a songwriting contest earlier this month.

Having played guitar since he was a lad, Pisano always felt he had a way with words when speaking, but a lack of confidence and songwriting knowledge kept the Old Boise Guitar Co. store co-owner from penning his own tunes. Recently, Pisano picked up a few books, a notebook--that he keeps with him at all times now--and his guitar and started to write.

Surfing the Web one day, Pisano came across the Guy Clark songwriting contest to promote Clark's new release, Somedays the Songs Write You. Clark, who has released more than 20 albums and has had songs recorded by singers from Johnny Cash to David Allan Coe, has long been Pisano's favorite songwriter. The 56-year-old saw the contest as a sign.

With two days before the Sept. 15 deadline, Pisano finished writing "Pieces of Me and You" and submitted it along with seven other songs. He was informed barely a week later, that he had won the grand prize: a trip to Nashville to meet with Clark.

"I'm not expecting to come out of this with a songwriting deal," Pisano said. "We'll just see where it goes."

Meeting Clark in his Nashville home includes seeing Clark's guitar-building workshop. The two men will certainly have something to talk about.

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