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John Nemeth

June 24, The Egyptian



The City of Trees isn't known as a hotbed of blues music, which might be part of why award-winning bluesman John Nemeth moved to the San Francisco Bay area and then Memphis, Tenn. Whatever the reason, relocating opened up new avenues and each release has revealed creative growth and Nemeth's willingness to take risks while staying true to his soulful signature sound. His latest, Feelin' Freaky (Memphis Grease, May 2017) finds Nemeth not only releasing an album on his own label, but also blending his classic approach to blues and R&B with a strong funk/jazz/hip-hop/rock/retro vibe resulting in something slightly dreamy and definitely sexy.

Fortunately, a new Nemeth album usually means a tour and a tour usually means a stop in Boise—Nemeth and his backing band the Blue Dreamers play The Egyptian Theatre on Saturday, June 24. Nemeth will also perform at The Record Exchange on Sunday, June 25, so if you haven't had your Nemeth fix in a while, this is a good time to get your Freaky on.

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