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Joga-Ki: Yoga Elixir

"Eat more plants. Do more yoga. Share more love."



The motto of local drink startup Joga-Ki is simple: "Eat more plants. Do more yoga. Share more love." The company, which rolled out the first round of its product in August after a Yogafort test run, is pedaling "the world's first whole foods elixir formulated to enhance your body's response to yoga practice," an intense superfood smoothie-like concoction made for yogis to drink before a class. The elixir was formulated by local naturopathic physician Dr. Andrew Myers, and is made from concentrated whole food ingredients like watermelon, red spinach, beets and mamaki tea, which give it a deep, fruity flavor underscored by bitter herb notes. According to Erica Sparlin Dryden, director of sales and marketing for Joga-Ki, the drink "supports the body's production of nitric oxide," enhancing blood and oxygen flow. While we can't confirm that, we can say that when refrigerated (and shaken well) Joga-Ki tasted a lot better than a salad—and it seemed to give our yoga practice a boost.

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