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Jim Jefferies at the Morrison Center

Friday, Aug. 26


A few minutes into Jim Jeffries' Netflix special Freedumb (released July 1), the Australian stand-up comic has a bit about how a reporter, incensed with Jefferies' jokes about Bill Cosby, wrote an article with the headline "You Can Not Joke About Rape."

"Now, I hate this, and I'll tell you why" Jefferies tells his audience. "My whole skill in life is being able to say horrible things and still seem likeable." It's funny, but it's also insightful.

Jefferies jokes about subjects other comics avoid, but he also turns the knife inward, spilling his feelings about politics, kids, sex and everything else—even if makes him look like an asshole. While he's not apologetic, he will remind audiences he's telling jokes, not giving a Ted Talk. What he doesn't need to remind them of is how damn funny he is.