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Jillopy Mid-Century Modern

Get some throwback style at this Meridian furniture store


AMC's hit Mad Men has upped the value of mid-century modern goods. Starburst clocks, sleek chairs and Eames sofas that were once coveted by design nerds now appeal to a wider swath of decorators.

Now Meridian has its own mid-century furniture hub. Jillopy Mid-Century Modern opened less than three months ago at 650 E. Fairview Ave. in Meridian and specializes in "mid-century modern teak furniture and accessories to complement it."

"We bring a lot of the Danish-sculpted wood pieces made out of teak and rosewood," explained Jillopy co-owner Steven Fraser. "We go to Europe to buy the pieces and pick them out and then we ship them over to Boise."

A decade ago, Fraser, his wife Jill and their kids moved into a mid-century ranch-style home. As they revamped the space room by room, they uncovered their inner designers.

"We try to cater toward that more eclectic group of people that like their Scandinavian car or Swedish-looking car, and then we also look for the liberal arts-type people that like form and design and function," said Fraser. "The usefulness of this furniture is by far the reason why people buy it--it looks good, its beautiful wood, it's very organic."

The Frasers plan to host a number of events in the Jillopy parking lot. For more info and to view a product gallery, visit