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Jetski CD Release Show

Neurolux, Feb. 2


Not content to just write goofy, mock-Krautrock dance numbers, Brenton Viertel of local band The Dirty Moogs started pop-punk group Jetski in 2015 with guitarist Marcus Roberts, and Brian Anglin and Robert Reeves of local band 2x2. They played at Treefort 2016 and have opened for Cheap Girls and Bleached.

The Jetski and Dirty Moogs sounds may be different, but the brains behind them aren't: The songs on Jetski's debut album, 2PM (self-released, 2018), are as funny and smart as anything the Moogs have released. The title song nails the mundane travails of a nine-to-five working stiff; "Conventional" subverts femme fatale and bad-girl cliches by celebrating a clean-cut, sensible young lady; and "Y" shows empathy for a transgender man. Each song gets hammered home thanks to charmingly snotty vocals, catchy pop melodies, hard-charging rhythm and fuzzy, Weezer-esque guitar riffs. Eschew the skinny tie, and break out a pair of Chuck Taylors for this show.