Jesse Marchant

Sept. 25, The Olympic


Jesse Marchant's music is a strange mix of singer-songwriter and dark synth tracks. His voice is smooth and sultry, a fine accompaniment to most musical styles. Marchant's lyrics are vivid and colorful. The shift in Marchant's sound also follows a shift in his art and life. Marchant previously used the stage name JBM, which he has recently dropped with the release of his most recent record, Illusion of Love. According to Marchant, his decision to change things up followed a period of "falling outs, absence and abuse" in his life in New York City. The result is an invigorating and soulful listen. Marchant is joined by his friend Wyndham Garnett, a psych-pop artist from Los Angeles. Garnett's musical sensibilities are a callback to the psych roots of his home in L.A., a natural pairing to Marchant's tunes. Jacob Wright will open the night.

With Wyndham Garnett, Jacob Wright, $8, 8 p.m., The Olympic, 1009 W. Main St.,