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Jay Owenhouse: 'Dare to Believe'

Friday, Feb. 27


Self-proclaimed "authentic illusionist" Jay Owenhouse would definitely be an Alliance-approved magician if he walked onto the set of Arrested Development. Instead, he's apparating onto the stage of the Morrison Center on Friday, Feb. 27 for a magic show titled "Dare to Believe." Make no mistake: they're not tricks, they're illusions.

"Dare to Believe" promises the classics, from bodies floating in mid-air, to sawing someone in half. Under Owenhouse's spell, audience members can predict the future and disappear entirely. The show also features Bengal tigers Shekinah, a rare white tiger, and her sister, Sheena.

Owenhouse's passion for magic started at age 4, when his parents hired a magician for his birthday party. Today, Owenhouse's four children—ages 9 to 23—help with his performances.