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Japan Day 2017

Monday, Sept. 4 at the Basque Center



From small towns to big cities, nearly every corner of America has been touched by Japanese culture and, for a decade, Boise has set aside a day to celebrate Japanese heritage with Japan Day. This year, the celebration—presented by the Idaho Japanese Association—is on Monday, Sept. 4, at the Basque Center. Enjoy traditional music and dance performances, including the shishi-mai or "lion dance" (to banish demons), martial arts demonstrations including ninjas (yes, ninjas), vendor booths and a flea market. Try your hand at elegant calligraphy, intricate origami or otedama—the art of Japanese juggling—or stop by the food stalls for tastes of Japanese cuisine like mochi cakes and takoyaki.

Japan Day: It's a way to get an up-close look at Japanese culture while staying close to home.

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