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January 4, 2006


“A dream is something that drives you crazy 10 minutes after you wake up.” —Helen Gurley Brown

Dear Dream Zone, I was dead. My body was placed on a table where all my insides were removed and my head and legs and arms were severed. All that was left was the trunk of my body. I am watching as all of this takes place and I tell myself to be calm, relax and I would be all right. Eventually, my body was completely empty. In waking, a feeling of extreme loneliness was around me. —Debbie 52, Wellington, OH

Lauri: This dream is commenting on a figurative "death" in your life. What has come to an end recently? A relationship, a project, a goal? More importantly is that an autopsy was being done on you, which indicates you have been doing some self-exploration. Have you been "dissecting" a situation in your life or perhaps been "digging" deep into your self to find an answer? Your head and limbs were severed from your body, which means there has been a recent separation in your life. The sense of loneliness you woke up with is important. Have you gone through a recent break up? Whatever is causing you to feel lonely or "empty," you must pay attention to the advice you are giving yourself in this dream: you are going to be all right.

Debbie replies: In April of 2004 I walked away from a relationship, which I am back in and am thinking I need to end it again. I thought things would change but instead things got worse and the communication and intimacy is a faint memory. I dissect this every hour of everyday. I know it is past time to go and I know in my heart it will be fine. I guess this dream says it all.

Fascinating Dream Fact: Though it is counter-intuitive, if you deprive a clinically depressed person of dreaming - by waking him up whenever he dreams - his spirits improve. Anti-depressants work in part by reducing the amount of REM sleep a person gets.