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January 29, 2019: What to Know


  • Bingo Barnes
  • Roger Stone, a longtime adviser to President Trump charged with obstruction of justice and other crimes, is expected to plead not guilty today in a Washington, D.C., courtroom. Meanwhile, The New York Times reports that the acting U.S. Attorney General unexpectedly announced Monday that Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation was "close to being completed."

  • IdahoEdNews reports that Idaho's graduation rate has fallen in national rankings. The National Center for Education Statistics puts Idaho at No. 43 in the nation when it comes to high school graduation rates. That's down from No. 40. IdahoEdNews' Kevin Richert says the numbers are indeed troubling, but they're also more than 18 months old, and don't reflect the state's statistics from 2018, which showed some improvement.

  • CBS News reports that the growing measles outbreak in Washington State is stoking fear among parents. As of this morning there are more than 50 so-called "public exposure locations" where someone infected with measles may have exposed others, including schools, churches and grocery stores. Measles has an infection rate of 90 percent for anyone exposed.
  • Inverse magazine has a rather stunning report on Baffin Island, the fifth-largest island in the world. That's where melting ice is revealing landscape that hasn't seen the light of day in 40,000 years. Baffin Island is a bitterly cold slice of Canadian territory above the Arctic Circle. The latest time that the land had seen sun was in the middle of the last glacial period when human had begun to hunt wooly mammoths.
  • A glitch in the Apple FaceTime app has allowed one iPhone user to call another and listen in on that person's conversations through the device's microphone, even if the recipient didn't answer the call. CNN reports that Apple officials insist they've disabled the feature behind the bug.
  • Actor Anthony Daniels is stepping away from a role that he has played since 1977. The Hollywood Reporter says Daniels just wrapped filming on Star Wars: Episode IX. He's portrayed C-3PO in all nine of the Star Wars films.
  • Many of the much-anticipated commercials that will air during this Sunday's Super Bowl have already hit the internet. One of our favorite's stars Steve Carell and Cardi B.