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January 28, 2019: What to Know


  • Bingo Barnes
  • Many federal offices across the U.S. have begun the process of reopening after the historically long shutdown came to an end last Friday. Meanwhile, negotiators from the House and Senate have less than three weeks to hash out a plan that President Trump might sign. The New York Times reports that Trump is threatening another shutdown or possibly invoking emergency powers to build a wall at the southern border if he doesn't get his way by Friday, Feb. 15.

  • Treasure Valley commuters had to deal with patches of fog this morning, but a strong high pressure system continues its grip on the region, promising plenty of sunny days and clear, cold nights. Treasure Valley highs will continue to be in the mid- to upper 40s through much of the week ahead.
  • NWS
  • National Geographic has a fascinating story this month on a new bike trail that will connect eight European nations. The Trans Dinarica presently connects Bosnia, Croatia, Herzegovina and Slovenia. The plan is to include Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia and Montenegro.
  • Happy Data Privacy Day. Observed in the U.S., Canada, Israel and 47 European countries, Jan. 28 is set aside to promote privacy and data protection.
  • Olympic gold medalist Chloe Kim had a pretty great weekend. NBC Sports says she won this fifth X Games gold in the X Games SuperPipe.
  • The Hollywood Reporter says the next big film from Oscar-nominated director Christopher Nolan (Dunkirk, Interstellar, the Batman trilogy) will hit screens in July 2020. Beyond that, no one will say anything, at least on the record, about what the film is about of who's starring in the the project, which is only described as an "event film."
  • The late Michael Jackson's family calls Leaving Neverland, a four-hour documenary unveiled this past weekend at the Sundance Film Festival, a "public lynching." Variety reports that the doc tells the story of two men, now in their late 30s, and how Jackson befriended and routinely sexually abused them when they were children. The film suggests that they were far from Jackson's only victims.