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January 26, 2005


We were politely informed this week the Idaho State House of Representatives did not wish to have complimentary copies of Boise Weekly delivered anymore. According to our informants, one representative objected to our series of articles by Nicholas Collias regarding the adult entertainment business in the Treasure Valley. Apparently, this complainer felt we were promoting pornography.

First of all, I despise self-righteous persons who feel the rest of the world should be prevented from having access to information because that information does not agree with their own morals. Unfortunately, when readers cannot find BW in its old place it is usually one of these type of people who have made that decision for you. Secondly, it is extremely hypocritical that in the one building in our state which is supposed to live by the rules of Democracy, one person's objection can censor access to information that perhaps a majority of others may desire. Thirdly, if this person had read the articles, they would understand that BW in no way is promoting pornography. We are simply documenting a legal business that has been part of communities since the beginning of civilization. Unfortunately, blaming the messenger seems to be a common tactic used by the conservative right these days. Attack the accuser, not the problem.

In our state, where our publically-elected leadership currently prefers to conduct its business behind doors closed to the same public that put them there, we find it extremely troublesome that these majority elements prefer to put blinders on to issues that exist and matter in our communities. What's next? Will they ignore the heroin problem amongst our youth because it is an "icky" subject? Will they refuse to deal with education reform and adequate funding of our schools because they have no school-age children of their own? Will they rubber stamp the ban on gay marriage because they are not gay?

I would like to applaud the Idaho State Senate, who has decided, at least at this time, to continue to receive our complimentary copies. I recommend that all representatives pick up their copy of BW in the senate or on the corner of 8th and Jefferson. We'll stock more in those locations so you can read about issues that matter to those who prefer to remain informed.