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January 18, 2006


“Dreams are necessary to life.” —Anais Nin

Dear Dream Zone, I had a really odd dream the other day that I was in a car with my ex and we were driving to the vendor. We ended up at his friend’s apartment and there was a big party inside. One of the main reasons we aren't together anymore is because of his friends. I told him I would just go and started walking away. He came and wrapped his arms around me and told me he missed me and still loved me. Then this little girl came running up to us. She had his eyes. She called me mommy. It was the most realistic dream I've ever had. I woke up and I was just bawling. —Sunshine, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Lauri: This dream is showing you that a part of you would really like to be back with your ex and that you'd really like for him to want you back. Was he the one who broke it off? The little girl that seems to belong to both to you symbolizes the "rebirth" you'd like to have with him. The beginning of your dream seems to explain it all: you thought you were going to the vendor but wound up at a party, meaning you probably wanted and hoped for emotional "nourishment" from him during your relationship but he was more interested in partying. Does that sound like the way things were? Do you think it would be worth trying to reconnect with him?

Sunshine replies: He did indeed end it with me.It was intensely hard because we were together for so long. He was such a party guy, and I couldn't stand it. He would do stuff while he was under the influence that was just not him. You got it pretty much smack dab on the dot! Thanks a million.

Fascinating Dream Fact: Did you know that one of the most common dreams among celebrities is the plane crash dream? It symbolizes the success of their career and the fear of it crashing down around them. See, even the rich and famous have anxieties!