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Jan. 16, 2018: What to Know


  • Bingo Barnes
  • A husband and wife from Perris, California are behind bars on suspicion of torture and child endangerment after police rescued 13 boys and girls from the couple's house. Some of the children were shackled to their beds. The Los Angeles Times reports that law enforcement didn't immediately realize that seven of the 13 siblings were actually over the age of 18 because they were so emaciated. The victims' ages range from 2 to 29 years old.
  • The College of Idaho was on lockdown for about two hours Monday afternoon after a woman said she had been threatened with a gun by two individuals in a campus parking lot. Students and staff were warned to shelter in place. Investigators said the two suspected individuals ran away from campus and the lockdown was lifted at 2:30 p.m. C of I Interim President Bob Hoover said the college has been rehearsing its emergency procedures for the past decade and said he is "pleased" with "how well the emergency procedures were followed, and calm was restored on campus."