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Jamie Lin Wilson

The Olympic, Wednesday, May 22


Where Combo Chimbita focuses on the big picture, Texan singer-songwriter Jamie Lin Wilson dials her music down to the smallest of details. She considers her songs vignettes, and uses each one to sketch a person, relationship or intangible feeling. "It's unfair that the poets and songwriters are the ones who have the songs about their lives, when maybe that's not what's poetic," Wilson wrote on her website. "Maybe the moments are the ones happening in everyday farmers' lives, or to a widow, or a son." Wilson's approach isn't unique, but her smooth, folksy croon gives her songs staying power. Fans of old-school country (think Dolly Parton and Patsy Cline) and southern ballads will feel right at home with Wilson on stage at The Olympic, where she'll take a break from the road to promote her second solo album, Jumping Over Rocks (self-released, 2018), next week.

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