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James Orr Tonight

Saturday, Jan. 22, Empire Building


Local musician James Orr is planning something he has never seen: looping incandescent and LED lights that will pulse, brighten, dim and change color--synchronized with his looped music. While wrapping up a photo shoot for a new cardboard cut-out of himself, Orr explained his vision.

"It's looped visuals, which I think is a very novel concept. I've pulled out my low, mid and high frequencies ... it triggers lights based on the amplitude of the frequencies," Orr said.

Orr, who will be joined by Low vs. Diamond's Lucas Field, will perform in the spot formerly occupied by Sleep With Grace but said he doesn't mind the fishbowl (remember, he is having a second cardboard cut-out made). Orr intends for this semi-formal dress event to be a party. He hopes to put lights triggered by ambient sounds (clapping, cheering) into balloons. If this show is anything like the one he did in 2009 at the Linen Building, his very vocal fans are going to have that place looking like a bright, blinking Studio 54.

7 p.m., $10 adv., $12 door. Empire Building, 205 N. 10th St. For tickets, visit