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James Orr to Drop New Album

Saturday, Feb. 11, at the Stueckle Sky Center


Boise songwriter James Orr knows that solo acts can lack presence. That's why one of his ideas for the album release concert for Tiny Love was to fill in the presence visually--with holograms.

However, said Orr, holograms are cost-prohibitive. Instead, his performance at the Stueckle Sky Center on Saturday, Feb. 11, will feature multiple video projections of Orr from local video artist Ron Torres. For example, on the song "Tiny Love," he'll project four Orr-vatars.

"As soon as I sing my first vocal loop, you'll see the first one start singing and the others will clap," said Orr.

The show has taken three months to get together. But Orr doesn't mind that one bit.

"I see it as the next step for fusion between visual and audio entertainment," he said.

[ Video is no longer available. ]