James Orr Rocks With the HERD at Boise Art Museum

Saturday, April 13


Few of us ever get the chance to groove with the elephants. For one thing, most zoos don't let visitors bust a move in the elephant enclosure; what's more, dancing with such large animals might be a recipe for disaster.

But Boiseans can live out the fantasy with more elegant—and less dangerous—dance partners. Visitors to Boise Art Museum can experience both the ghostly white elephants of artist Billie Grace Lynn and live music with a special performance Saturday, April 13.

Lynn's elephants plodded their way into BAM last year as part of the White Elephants exhibit, featuring life-sized renditions of elephants made of ripstop nylon and air.

Patrons walk between the slowly swaying beasts, stopping to compare their own stature to the towering animals.

But Boise musician and artist James Orr will offer new inspiration by adding light projections and original music to create HERD, a one-night-only performance at the museum.

Seated between the looming elephants, audiences will witness Orr's carefully calibrated visual displays as they flicker in time with his musical performance. Already known for his folk ballads, Orr will play tracks written specifically for White Elephants.

Proceeds from the event will benefit BAM's education programs.