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James Orr Live at BAM

Friday, March 18


Boise Art Museum came into being before there even was a physical building--its first exhibition was actually held in the Boise Hotel, now the Hoff Building. In 1937 a smaller version of the museum that we know today was constructed. On Friday, March 18, BAM presents James Orr in concert, whose music, like the steady expansions of the museum builds layer by layer, engulfing listeners in a sweet cacophony of sound.

Orr's concert is a benefit for BAM's educational programs and will take place in the sculpture court. Artist Stephen Knapp's refracted light paintings will serve as the backdrop, where the mixture of sound, light and color are sure to create a unique poly-sensual experience. On his website Knapp stresses that viewers of his work should approach with open eyes because "perception and interaction lead to an act of mutual discovery, a universal bond of our existence. There is no right answer hidden within each piece, only a shared journey." For one night, that journey will feature a soundtrack.

James Orr at The Boise Fry Company from Boise Weekly on Vimeo.