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Jailhouse Snitch brings down ecstasy ring


A Seattle man will serve an additional eight years in Federal Prison for attempting to head a drug ring from while incarcerated. Following a brief three-day trial in Boise last November, Joshua R. Kilby was found guilty of conspiring to distribute both ecstasy and the hallucinogen 5-MeO-DIPT, or "foxy," through his running buddies on the outside. Unfortunately for Kilby, a fellow inmate from Boise did not share Kilby's enthusiasm for remote pharmaceutical vending.

In January of 2003, Kilby was one of 34 people arrested in Seattle for selling large amounts of ecstasy through a pair of front businesses, an automotive store called "Ultraspeed" and a nightclub, "Club NV." Kilby was individually cited as well for selling the drugs to several military servicemen. He was sentenced to 24 months in a Federal Correction Facility in Sheridan, Oregon, but made arrangements to hand over his foxy stash, as well as its accompanying financial connections, to an associate in Seattle. In exchange, the new dealer sent part of the considerable profits to Kilby in prison.

While in prison, Kilby ran across an inmate who had also been convicted of selling ecstasy in a Boise case. Kilby boasted of his ability to trump the system, and put the inmate in contact with the outside man. Unfortunately for Kilby, the inmate also reported the conversation to federal agents, who arranged for an undercover agent to make controlled buys from Kilby's underling. The agents also managed to record a conversation between Kilby and his associate at the federal prison, in which the men discussed the thriving state of their drug business and Kilby's intention to continue selling drugs after he was released.

The jury in Kilby's Boise trial found that the quantity of the club drugs being exchanged in the sale was significant, on the order of 2500 ecstasy pills and 7000 of foxy. Those numbers, as well as Kilby's inability to learn from a 500-hour drug treatment program, contributed to the length of his sentence.