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Jaialdi 2015

Tuesday, July 28-Sunday, Aug. 2


Boise Mayor Dave Bieter can get pretty excited while talking about politics, libraries and streetcars. But hizzoner practically jumps out of his azala (Basque for "skin") when it comes to Jaialdi, Boise's quinquennial all-things-Basque blowout. Bieter, America's only Basque mayor, will undoubtedly shout, "Ongi etorri!" ("Welcome") a few dozen times during the six-day jubilee, which turns the Basque Block into the center of the Basque universe. Jaialdi 2015 will showcase a sports night in CenturyLink Arena, featuring weightlifters and woodchoppers; a musical celebration at the Morrison Center; San Inazio Mass at St. Mark's Catholic Church; and three days of Basque exhibitions inside Expo Idaho.