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It's Time for Jailhouse Rock with the Gem State Jam

Saturday, June 11 at the Old Idaho Penitentiary


It's time again to get locked up in the Old Idaho Penitentiary for an evening of music for a good cause. The third annual, all-ages Gem State Jam will feature both local and national bands, with San Diego indie rockers Delta Spirit headlining.

Other bands include the Johnny Cash-inspired Cash'd Out, folk artist Maria Taylor from Alabama, Alaskan blues artist Lige Williamson, raucous Nevada-based act Buster Blue and Idaho bands Jeff Crosby and the Refugees, Jonathan Warren and the Billy Goats, Old Death Whisper and Rumblefish.

Local vendors will provide food--from pizza to sandwiches to barbeque--to satisfy your cravings, and New Belgium and Pabst Blue Ribbon will be on hand with beers. There will also be a selection of wines available.

Once you've had your fill in the penitentiary courtyard, you can take a tour of the prison and its various exhibits with a volunteer guide. If a history lesson--or possible ghostly encounter--isn't your cup of pruno, check out artist showcases and pieces by featured vendors from around the Northwest.

But beware: You could be put in a cell with the old prison's spirits for littering. GSquare Productions and the Idaho Historical Society designed the night around a strict recycling program that will create the smallest carbon footprint possible.