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It's Not All Over!


But wait! There's still a spark of hope that the terrorists haven't snuffed. We still live in a country where the sound of painfully self-righteous, patriotic music compels women to shed their clothing in a floppy celebration of life, liberty and the pursuit of Toby Keith's attention. According to an Idaho Press-Tribune recap of Keith's Jan. 27 show at the Idaho Center, a woman in the audience took off her shirt--in plain view of God and the rest of the audience members--and took several seconds to cover her shame with a different type of shame (namely, the Toby Keith T-shirt she had just purchased). The woman was not cited for indecent exposure, but was quickly booted out by concert security. However, it may not have been quick enough for some, since the paper reported having received complaints that security took nearly seven minutes to track down the offending boob. Seven whole minutes ... maybe the terrorists really have won.