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It's not a Purse, It's A European Carryall!


Why shouldn't you laugh when you see a man in Boise carrying a purse? It might be your purse.

Boise Police say they have fielded 148 cases of purse-snatching-most-foul over the last year, usually in public locations like department or grocery stores. Following one recent incident, they have released photos and video of the suspect leaving the store with the illicit handbag under his arm. That's him in the middle, with his mouth open in what appears to be either an indifferent-to-his-victim's-suffering yawn, or a ferocious war-whoop against law and order. Maybe you recognize him. Maybe he's your son. If so, police are asking you to haul in the disrespectful little churl. Then (this is BW's advice, not BPD's) put his surveillance photo in the family Christmas card.