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It's like a puzzle: It's a Downhill and it's a Cross


Beats us. All we know is that the Bogus to Boise Banzai is one gnarly race, and it's all local (and, dare we say, loco).

Here's the format: Racers start at High Noon at Bogus Basin, ride along the trails over to the Eighth Street Connection road, then bomb the hill all the way down to the finish line at the Boise Co-op. Yeah, it's that nuts. Imagine the carnage. Imagine the fun.

Technically, the Bogus To Boise Banzai is known as a "super D" for "super downhill." Whereas many downhill mountain-bike races are for big bikes with lots of suspension and a passing resemblance to motorcycles, events like these lend themselves more to athletic racing. The idea is that you'll need to pedal—a lot—as well as just hang on and drop.

But the Bogus to Boise race is just the capstone to a long weekend of racing events. Saturday hosts the National Off Road Biking Association's state and northwest Regional Singlespeed Championships. Just one gear and a lot of pedaling. The racers for this event will gather on Saturday, September 15, at Bogus Basin's Shafer Butte trails where races start and end at the resort's lower lodge. If you've ever wondered how fast a person can go on a bike with only one gear, now's your chance to see some pedals flying. Transportation is available to Bogus Basin from Ridley's on Bogus Basin Road. For more information or to register, visit