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It's High (Voiced) Time We Heard From MC Chris

Thursday, Sept. 22, Neurolux


Not too many MCs follow the MC appellation with something so simple, but then not too many MCs sound like they spend their days submerged in a helium tank. MC Chris is somewhat of an enigma.

MC Chris, aka Christopher Ward, is as much comedy as he is hip-hop. His high voice, alt-aesthetic and high intellect have made him a valuable commodity outside of his hip-hop following. Film director Kevin Smith featured an MC Chris song in Zack and Miri Make a Porno and the MC wrote the theme song for Smith's popular podcast, the SModcast.

MC Chris is also a favorite with Adult Swim fans. He voiced Aqua Teen Hunger Force character MC Pee Pants, as well as the acerbic, self-unaware Hesh Hepplewhite on Sealab 2021. MC Chris is letting his geek flag fly and touring behind his seventh release, Race Wars (Sept. 2011, self-released). Check out "Jelly Inside."

[ Video is no longer available. ]