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It's All Over


We've heard people referring hypothetically to this day for over four years now, but it's finally official: The terrorists have won. How else are we to interpret the news that some Gem County sociopath was so clouded by civic loathing, he or she stenciled the words "I HATE EMMETT" on the Freezeout Hill September 11 memorial (more commonly known as "You've got to be kidding--there's not really a 9/11 monument on the middle of some hillside in Emmett, is there?")? A few years ago, this sort of action would have resulted in an extra barricade being added around the Statehouse, or at least a few more armed guards in the governor's bathroom. Today, it's hardly even newsworthy. If you did it, turn yourself in by calling the Gem County Sheriff's Department at (208) 365-3521.