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It's All For You


Music is a big part of Boise Weekly. You may have noticed our award-winning regular video series Scenes from a Scene, our beefy weekly music section and a litany of reviews posted online mere hours after a concert.

Our writers listen to a lot of music. We check out both local and touring bands when they play bars and clubs around town, and we strive to serve the proverbial breakfast of champions for hungry music fans. We hope you turn to BW first before you step outside and greet the day.

To that end, we're announcing another addition to that well-balanced music coverage you're used to consuming.

A new guide to live music, called GETn2it and built into boiseweekly.com, will serve as a gateway into rich content about bands.

It's intuitive, offers access to videos, tickets, tunes and the hallowed 21st century option to share it all with your friends. It's a tool that helps music fans discern which band is a dud and which is worth paying cover to see. But this tool also offers the BW content you're used to receiving, including our picks for the shows to hit and the bands you should mourn having missed. Log-in is simple, via Facebook or Twitter, and offers fans a digital smorgasbord of everything in the music world.

Stay posted for more details as we roll out this feature--we hope you'll love it.

BW has some other announcements to make, including the return of two contests now pushing adolescence in their 11th years. Both Fiction 101 and the Bad Cartoon Contest are back, and, as always, we're asking you to send in your work for a chance at glory.

Fiction 101 invites storytellers to send in teeny tiny fiction stories--exactly 101 words as counted by Microsoft Word, excluding the title. Entries are $10 per story, must include the author's name, address and phone number on the back, and must come typed--no hand-scrawled stories. Also, prose only. Sorry, poets.

Bad Cartoon, on the other hand, asks not for your best ideas but for your corniest jokes. Break out those colored pencils, pens, crayons, whatever, and put your ideas to paper. Again, entry is $10 per cartoon, must include artist's name, address and phone number on the back, and include a self-addressed stamped envelope if you'd like your submission returned to you.

Bad Cartoon winners will be published in our Wednesday, Nov. 28 issue, while Fiction 101's top picks will be revealed in the Jan. 2, 2013 issue.

Need more deets? Check out full contest rules and a catalogue of past winners--and losers--at boiseweekly.com