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It Prevails

Monday, Jan. 10, Mardi Gras


If the last time you hung out at the Mardi Gras was before you were old enough to drive, now might be a good time to visit: It Prevails is playing on Monday, Jan. 10. The Portland, Ore.-based melodic hardcore band promises to rattle the floors and shake loose the cobwebs when they play as part of an aggressive January tour that takes them through the West, the Midwest and back again.

It was anybody's guess if It Prevails would hit the road again after their 2008 announcement that they were canceling their tour and going on hiatus. On, frontman Ian Fike explained that after four years, drummer Aaron Marsh had left.

"Constantly digging your self out of debt between tours but still having to pay to live and eat on the road is a very hard thing to do, some people crack under this pressure. Aaron has."

But you can't keep a good band down. While the band has seen other lineup changes, Marsh is back on the sticks, and It Prevails is definitely prevailing. They're joined on this show by Betrayal, Volumes, Counterparts, Bermuda and Our City Skyline.