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Is Onterio Haunted?


If it looks like a city water inspector, and it sounds like a city water inspector, shut the door. That public service announcement comes via the police department in Ontario, Ore., where a man and a woman have been reportedly accosting people at home in order to ... well, what they were there for isn't quite clear yet. But whatever their purpose, the couple claimed to be from the office of "Quality Control" and were testing water for the city.

The thing is, Ontario doesn't actually test water in its citizens' homes. That, and the van—complete with a phony logo—that these "water testers" drove had California plates.

Calls to the Ontario police by Boise Weekly were not immediately returned. Therefore, this author is left the unfortunate task of pointing out something that could very well cause great panic in sleepy southwest Idaho. This situation is eerily—I might add terrifyingly—reminiscent of that scene in Ghostbusters 2 where Egon and Ray pose as city sewer workers, and they discover that a giant river of haunted slime is running through an old subway tunnel to the secret lair of the ghost of 16th century Moldavian warlord Vigo the Carpathian.

Just saying, is all.

That, and having seen how the movie ends, I won't be stopping any time soon at that rest stop along I-84 in Ontario.