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IPUC Says "Nuh-uh" to United Water


Your water bill--unlike the cost of those trips to the gas pump--will remain relatively stable, thanks to the stern "nay" the Idaho Public Utilities Commission gave United Water Idaho, Inc., on September 20.

In August, the PUC approved at 7.68 percent rate increase for United Water, who serves some 75,400 people in Ada and Canyon counties. This increase was significantly less than the 22 percent--later reduced to 18 percent--rate increase sought by United Water. United Water subsequently filed a petition for a reconsideration of the IPUC's August 3 decision, which was denied on September 20, although the original 7.68 percent raise was modified to an 8.08 percent increase.

The approved increase will end up costing the average customer another 20 cents per month on top of the average $2.07 added by the original 7.68 percent increase. It will go into effect three days after United Water files updated tariffs with the IPUC. The commission declined to reconsider the petition's major sticking point--that being the different methods used by IPUC staff and United Water to determine rate base, United Water's capital investment from which rates are calculated.