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Investigators Describe Idaho Homicide Similar to 'Stephen King Novel'


Patrick Nuxoll, 53, is charged with the May 21 slaying of David Cramer. - NEZ PERCE COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE
  • Nez Perce County Sheriff's Office
  • Patrick Nuxoll, 53, is charged with the May 21 slaying of David Cramer.

One of the most gruesome Idaho crime scenes in recent memory was recounted in a Lewiston courtroom July 29, during a preliminary hearing in the case of Patrick Nuxoll, accused of brutally murdering 63-year-old David Cramer this past spring.

Investigators said that when they entered Nuxoll's Lewiston home on the morning of May 21 they found blood everywhere—in the kitchen sink, on a hallway mirror and surrounding walls, on living room furniture and even the ceiling. This morning's Lewiston Tribune reports that most of the blood covered the mutilated body of Cramer, who was found sitting lifeless in a Victorian wingback chair. He had been slashed 128 times on the head, face, neck, arms and hands.

Nuxoll, 53, insisted that he and Cramer had been drinking vodka until Nuxoll passed out on the coach and later awakened to find the bloody body. Nuxoll also told police that Cramer had committed suicide.  

He faces up to life in prison or the death penalty in a first-degree murder trial set for 2nd District Court later this year.

During Wednesday's hearing, the Tribune reported that investigators said some of the wounds on Cramer were so deep as to expose bone. Metal fragments were also reportedly found in Cramer's skull, nose and wrist. Detectives said they later discovered two large knives with pieces missing from their blades.

The Tribune's Joel Mills reported that descriptions at the hearing were "reminiscent of a Stephen King novel."