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Invest in Your Health

Good food = good health


Life is full of great investment opportunities for you to take advantage of--you can invest in things like space exploration or laser technology, or, if you're lucky, maybe you could get in early on a hot, new food truck built into the back of a Lamborghini and staffed by robots that sells sushi tacos (don't steal our idea).

Of course, the best and most rewarding investments come from things you can really believe in and truly get behind. I'm talking about things like investing in your community, in your family and in yourself--and one of the best ways to invest in yourself is to invest in your health.

When it comes to your health, you get out what you put in; it's a very low-risk and very high-yield investment. What have you got to lose? Nothing. What is there to gain? Well, that all depends on you, but you stand to gain a lot.

I hope that by this point you're thinking to yourself, "I'd love to invest in my health, but how do I do it?" It's easy, and here's a good place to start: food.

It's a pretty safe bet that you've heard the saying, "You are what you eat." If you haven't, you're aware of it now. While eating a banana does not literally make you a banana, the saying does ring true in some ways. You reap what you sow, and this applies to your diet, too.

Food is the best medicine, and eating right and eating well is the best way to start investing in yourself. While eating an apple a day may not keep the doctor away all the time, eating right is probably the best, cheapest and easiest way to keep you feeling tip-top and ship-shape. Nutrition is paramount to your well-being.

Did you know that adding color to your diet is a great way to invest in your health? It's true! Eating a rainbow of organic fruits and vegetables like red tomatoes, oranges, yellow squash, green beans, blueberries and purple grapes will ensure that you're getting a great variety of nutrients. So, eat the rainbow--it's good for you.

Did you know that foods like nuts, seeds, legumes, cereals and grains are chock full of protein? It's true! And eating these foods is another awesome, easy way to invest in your health.

If you really want to get the most out of your health investment, it takes more than just eating well. It also takes a bit of exercise. The good news is, exercise is fun and you can do it just about anywhere at any time. Here are some really simple ways to add even just a little more activity to your day:

-Walk or ride your bike everywhere and anywhere. (Wear a helmet though--you need your brain. Being in good health won't matter much if your brain doesn't work.)

-If you're driving, park far away from where you're going and walk the rest of the way. Even better, run the rest of the way at top speed while waving your arms over your head--people might look at you funny, but trust me, you look awesome and you'll feel great.

-If you're going to watch TV (and you should keep that to a minimum, but you know, sometimes Dancing with the Starsis on), don't use the remote. Get off the couch if you want to watch something else. Better yet, skip the TV entirely and go outside.

When it comes down to it, investing in your health is not only easy and fun--it's also really important. You're the only you on this entire beautiful planet, and maybe even this entire universe. Though, given its unfathomably vast size and the possibility of infinite possibilities, it is entirely possible that there could be another you.

Regardless of whether you're the only you in this universe or not, you've got to take care of yourself. Eat right and live well--here's to your health!

Shannon McGuire is marketing and outreach manager for the Boise Co-op.