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International Language of Laughter in Boise


The plotline for the MadTV spoof "Lords of the Bling" is largely the same as Lord of the Rings, except Frodo is played by Lil' Kim, and comedian Aries Spears impersonates Bill Cosby, portraying Randolph the Wizard. Forget an inscribed, mystical ring. It's up to these characters to demolish a wicked piece of bling. Spears, who was one of MadTV's longest-serving cast members, is known for his hilarious impersonations, from the bubbly TV personalities Bryant Gumbel and Al Roker to rap super stars Snoop Dogg, Jay Z and R. Kelly.

A diverse group of performers including Edwin San Juan, Momo Rodriguez, Eric Schwartz and Sherry Japhet will join Spears on the stage of the normally proper Morrison Center for International Language of Laughter, a kick-off event for this year's Boise Soul Food Extravaganza.

The lineup is diverse, ranging from former sketch comedy writer Momo Rodriguez to comedian and singer/songwriter Eric Schwartz, whose discography of blush-worthy songs include "Keep Your Jesus Off My Penis." San Juan, a Filipino American, is the creator and executive producer of the Showtime Asian-American stand-up comedian showcase SlantEd Comedy. People often confused San Juan as a Latino. He says he has come to accept the confusion and refers to Filipinos as "Chinese Mexicans." Local female comedian Sherry Japhet, who was a contestant on the short-lived Nickelodeon comedy competition The Search for the Funniest Mom in America, rounds out the lineup. And even though Japhet may be a mother, it would be best to leave the kiddies at home. The content these comedians are willing to tackle is far from child's play.

Friday, Aug. 6, 8 p.m., $27, Morrison Center, 2201 Cesar Chavez Lane, 208-426-1110,