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Less is more. This is the lesson of the Digital Age, in which spare design has found its way into consumer electronics, automobiles and interior decorating.

That's how those prodigies of minimalism--floor plans--went from being the province of draftsmen, engineers and contractors to that of the aesthete looking for something to adorn unoccupied wall space.

Enter Interiors, a 'zine that analyzes deliberate use of interior space in film and television. The articles themselves are fairly academic, but a selection of floor plans accompanying them are for sale on Interiors' BigCartel site.

Fans can buy blueprints of Breaking Bad's RV and superlab, the bedroom from 2001: A Space Odyssey, and the bank scene from Batman: The Dark Knight. There's even a diagram of the infamous hotel room in Psycho.

The prints run between $15 and $25 and come in a couple of different sizes to suit the needs of the wannabe interior decorator in all of us.