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Instead of High-Sticking, a Stick-Up


Given the reputation that hockey fans have for brawling, robbing an ice rink doesn't sound like a great idea. But apparently, the NHL strike has left the entire industry as helpless as a lemonade stand. Case in point: A pair of men robbed Idaho Ice World, Boise's city-owned hockey mecca, at gun point on Thursday, June 9. Police told local newsies that at 1 a.m., two thugs armed with handguns and wearing dark clothing and masks approached an Ice World employee as he was leaving the building. After locking the employee safely in a locker room, a classic hazing maneuver inflicted upon hockey newbies, the suspects sampled several cash drawers from around the facility and left with an undisclosed amount. Anyone with information is urged to call Crime Stoppers at 343-COPS.