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Instant Pot Multifunctional Cooker


During the so-called Kitchen Debate over American and Soviet consumer products in 1959, brash Russian Premier Nikita Khrushchev asked then-Vice President Richard Nixon if American capitalism had devised a machine that "puts food into the mouth and pushes it down."

Americans have been conditioned to consume mass quantities without mechanical aid, but that doesn't mean gadgets have gone the way of Cold War paranoia. Show your patriotism with the Instant Pot, the seven-in-one, IP-smart, Bluetooth-enabled multifunctional pressure cooker. It's designed to save up to 70 percent electricity over conventional slow cookers, and it has several settings, making it a food warmer, saute pan, slow/rice/pressure cooker, steamer and more.

This technological masterpiece is Bluetooth enabled, so home chefs can schedule cooking remotely, as well as access recipes for goodies from goulash to onsen tamago (Japanese hot spring eggs). Numerous failsafes prevent the Instant Pot from setting the house fire or activating SkyNet. Conserve flavors lost during other cooking methods, and leave the Red Menace in the bottom of the pan.