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Instagram Trumped Twitter in August

Photo sharing application Instagram attracted more US mobile users than Twitter in August.


US smartphone owners are using Instagram more than Twitter.

The photo sharing application attracted 7.3 million active users per day on mobile phones in the United States in August, compared with 6.9 million users on Twitter, the Daily Mail reported, citing a report by Internet analytics firm ComScore.

It was the first time that Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, had drawn more users than Twitter.

BGR News reported that the average user also spent more time on Instagram than on Twitter.

“The research shows that the average Instagram user spent about 257 minutes browsing and using the service versus the 170 minutes spent on Twitter last month,” BGR reported.

But the Wall Street Journal noted there was a “little bit of nuance” in the data.

Many of Twitter’s active users access the application from desktops, while Instagram is only a mobile service.

Still, it is not a bad effort by Instagram considering it is only two years old compared with Twitter , which was founded in 2006.