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Inside the S.V. Film Fest Announcement Party

Filmmakers and movie-lovers alike have a lot to celebrate


On the evening of Feb. 15, filmmakers, movie-lovers and organizers stood shoulder-to-shoulder at The Modern, watching trailers of movies that will be screened at the fourth annual Sun Valley Film Festival, March 4-8. Judging by the crowd, the festival is catching on.

"The Sun Valley Film Festival is for people who love film—any kind of film," SVFF Programming Director Laura Mehlhaff told Boise Weekly."We have everything from blockbusters to the obscure, stuff you might not see anywhere else."

Big names on this year's line-up include Scott Glenn in The Barber, which screens on opening night; Billy Bob Thornton in Cut Bank; and Neil deGrasse Tyson, who narrates National Geographic Channel's Hubble's Cosmic Journey. Bruce Dern and Bill Paxton will participate in this year's Coffee Talks and Clint Eastwood will be honored with the festival's inaugural Lifetime Vision Award.

Access to high profile filmmakers "lets people experience film in a way that they don't normally get to," Mehlhaff said.

Idaho filmmakers were also on hand, including Christian Lybrook, whose project, Zero Point, will premiere at the Magic Lantern Cinema in Ketchum. Zero Point isn't a movie, however.

"It's the pilot episode to a series," Lybrook said, which follows a female detective who obsessively investigates a disease she thinks is killing children in a time of oil exploration, climate change and the proliferation of GMOs. The 47-minute pilot asks audiences to consider would happen in a human colony collapse.

Lybrook has been working on the show with his creative partner, Gregory Bayne, for two years. It's a "truly homegrown" project, he said.

A full list of movies can be viewed here.