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Indoor Snowball Fight Kit


If your family is anything like mine, snowball fights are only a good idea for the first couple of throws. One hit is funny. Two hits hurt. By the third, the snow has been abandoned for the piercing cries of an angry competitor.

Leave it to a brand called "Cupcakes and Cartwheels" to come up with a solution. Its "Indoor Snowball Fight Kit"—complete with 15 surprisingly snow-like fabric balls—might save your family the grief and the frozen appendages of a more traditional winter battle.

The balls are light and soft, but crunchy like compacted snow, and heavy enough to throw with semi-accurate aim.

The best part: Since these snowballs can live indoors, the warfare never has to end.

There is no age limit on these puppies, so technically your co-workers can't judge if you buy these for the office. (But your boss might.)