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Indian Classical Music

Nov. 17, Morrison Center


The raga has no direct corollary in western classical music. That means for a lot of people who head to the Morrison Center for An Evening of Indian Classical Music, the music rolling off the stage will be almost otherworldly. Put on by the Boise Bengali Association and the Boise State University Department of Music, the event promises an evening of music in the Hindustani (north Indian) style, featuring Brandon McIntosh playing the sarod, a lute-like stringed instrument; Srivani Jade singing and Kuntal Roy playing the tabla, a classical Indian drum. Ragas themselves consist of at least five notes musicians can riff off, and have intense emotional significance and symbolism. Some have strong associations with the seasons, moods and religious holidays. Even for those with a strong background in Indian music, An Evening of Indian Classical Music will be a trip. Advance tickets can be purchased at India Foods (6020 W. Fairview Ave.) or through Jeanne Belfy at