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India in Idaho: Sri Krishna Janmashtami Festival

Wednesday, Aug. 28


If everything you know about the Hare Krishna movement you learned from Beatles songs, Julie Taymor, the Internet or that one elective class you snoozed through in college, you probably don't know that much about Hare Krishnas. It might come as a shock, but there's more to it than shaved heads and chanting.

The Boise Hare Krishna Temple invites the curious to discover the more accessible aspects of this spiritual way of life Wednesday, Aug. 28, when it hosts the Janmashtami Festival of India. In a colorful cultural display, the festival promises a night of mantra music, dance, drama and authentic cuisine for the temple's biggest event of the year.

The festival also includes the unveiling of the Boise temple's House of 10,000 Flowers. Of course, the easiest way to fully immerse oneself in a new culture is through food--at least that's what our stomachs have been telling us. To whet your appetite for an expanded worldview, a full buffet of signature Indian delicacies--including 108 vegetarian dishes--is available throughout the event.

The celebration is free and open to the public, and kid-friendly activities will keep the little ones occupied. Put your inquisitive mind at ease and discover the true meaning of the 16-word Maha Mantra. Just to get you started, here's lesson No. 1: "Hare" is pronounced "hah-rey," not as in "the tortoise and the hare."