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Inaugural Pinewood Coffin Derby


Remember when little boy scouts or girl scouts spent days (or weeks) painstakingly carving out a racecar for the Pinewood Derby, triumphant when it crossed the finish line? Well, Idaho Horror Film Festival is inviting adults to recapture a bit of that old-timey magic—with a dark twist. Instead of carving cars out of blocks of wood, the horror movie-loving folks at IHFF want you to carve a coffin on wheels for the inaugural Proof-Rogue Pinewood Coffin Derby. Free kits are available at Prefunk or Proof Eyewear, so get cutting, and then take your creative casket to PreFunk on Oct. 12, and race for spooktacular prizes. There's no entry fee, and coffin-rollers can get as wacky as they like with decoration, which means feel free to go crazy with tiny skeletons, squishy fake eyeballs and vials of dollar store "blood."