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In The Whale

The Shredder, July 3


The Denver-based duo In The Whale is as quirky as it is relatable, pushing hard rock music packed with bald-faced truths. Its self-deprecation is immediately attractive—the band's website is, which says a lot—but it's the strident guitar riffs, straightforward vocals and everyman lyrics like "sit down and rest your eyes / you've had too much and you're in no shape to drive" that make fans stick. Bandwagon Magazine called the duo's 2015 EP, Full Nelson (self-released) "a raucous, thunderous expansion on their already raucous and thunderous sound" and its latest release, Quicksand (self-released, 2016), bears that out. In The Whale is a regular on the festival circuit, and in its description of the group, Afropunk music festival claimed, "It takes a special sort of alchemy to kill it as a two-piece, but In The Whale has it down." See just how right they are when the duo takes the stage at The Shredder.

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