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In the Age of Plastic, We're All Poisoned

Documentary exposes the dangers of widespread plastic use


"We are the children of the age of plastic," says documentary filmmaker Werner Boote in a voiceover for his film Plastic Planet. Boote traveled to 14 countries to document the omnipresence of plastic, searching in landfills, in homes, in bodies. And perhaps it's not surprising that he found some not-so-positive results. In one clip, Boote has his own blood analyzed for traces of chemicals transferred from plastic bottles. It's hard not to be disgusted as his doctor lists a range of unpronounceable chemicals present in Boote's bloodstream. This film will not make you fall in love with plastic.

In addition, Plastic Planet is about as indie as it gets. Released at the Cinema Village in New York City in January, the film was never released nationally, but is now available on DVD.

[ Video is no longer available. ]