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In July With The Decemberists

July 20, Idaho Botanical Garden


When buying a house, location makes all the difference. Sometimes it matters at a concert, too.

Idaho Botanical Garden may be the perfect setting for Portland, Ore.-based The Decemberists. Imagine Colin Meloy's slight vibrato carrying across the flower-fragrant, sun-drenched Outlaw Field. Picture the heady opening harmonica of "This Is Why We Fight" off 2011's release, The King Is Dead (Capitol), joining the breeze--if there is one. (Portland's Typhoon opens the show, so if the air is too still, maybe they can help.)

The Pacific Northwest quintet is well known for their layered indie rock/pop that often explores historical themes in a way that it feels like storytime around the radio. But band member Jenny Conlee has found another kind of fame. In the IFC channel's series Portlandia, Conlee played Sparklepony, a downtrodden musician trying to get a gig.

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