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In Good Conscience

Objecting to war before, during and after the fact, in Idaho and beyond

Veteran's Day is this Friday, November 11. We have the utmost respect for the brave men and women who risk life and limb to fight for what they think is right, but we also want to mark the day by recognizing another tradition of people who come from disparate backgrounds but who agree that "fight" and "right" don't belong in the same sentence. Sometimes these dissenters have gone by the title of "conscientious objectors." Sometimes they take the form of anti-war organizations run by veterans, while still others have pledged never to take up arms at all. Some come from religious backgrounds, and others reject war because of secular ethical objections to armed conflict in general, or the U.S. military machine in particular. What they share is an adherence to their anti-war ideals and to their own understanding of patriotism, even in the face of opposition or vilification. In our trio of peacenik stories, we turn the spotlight on three ways people take their government to task over war.