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Improv Comedy Troupes Will Battle It Out Cage-Match Style

Saturday, Sept. 8


If you've ever dreamed of a show that blends the exciting lack of predictability of an improv comedy show with the blood thirst of a cage match, Boise's inaugural Boise Improv Cage Match may deliver just the right odd blend of entertainment you need. Well, sort of.

Local improv troupes will take to the stage at Fatty's on three consecutive Saturday nights, with the first Saturday, Sept. 8. And while the who-knows-what-they'll-say stuff of the improv will be in full force, expect more of a theoretical cage match than the violent physical duel in a literal cage seen in arenas and on TV.

Troupes will rely on every funny bone in their body in order to be crowned the evening's winner and advance to the next week.

Each will get approximately 15 minutes and audience members choose the winner. In round two and the final round, winners will be determined half by votes and half by the judges' decisions. The overall champion will be crowned Saturday, Sept. 22, and receive a prize of up to $1,000, after a donation to the Idaho Foodbank has been deducted from the net proceeds.

Groups expected to appear include Improvolution, Insert Foot Theater, Chicks-N-Giggles and Comedy Sportz. Those believing themselves to be entertaining can assemble a posse of allegedly funny friends and register as a troupe. Registration is free, but audience admission is $5.