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‘Imaginative Realism’ Inspires with 'The Kingdom' Exhibition at Boise Art Museum


Imagine an elephant cleaning house with a squirrel, or tigers and zebras at a pool party with cranes.

The black-and-white pencil sketches are meticulously rendered and, while the worlds inhabited by Adonna Khare's creatures are vaguely familiar enough to be recognizable, their juxtapositions imbue the work with an off-kilter whimsy.

Experience the pleasantly bizarre, wholly absorbing work of Khare at The Kingdom exhibition at Boise Art Museum.

Much of the impetus behind Khare's work is to inspire children and adults in order for them unleash their inventiveness without fear. She packs her drawings—both large and in scale—with so much rich detail, visually exploring the pieces is itself an exercise in imagination.